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Health Savings Account (HSA)

An H.S.A. can be funded with your tax-exempt dollars or contributions made by your employer. This account can help pay for eligible medical expenses not covered by an insurance plan, including the deductible, coinsurance, and even health insurance premiums, in some cases. Employees covered under Navajo County’s medical plan that complete the participatory activities will receive contributions into their Health Savings/Health Reimbursement Account.

Discover the many uses for your H.S.A. by going to

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Employees electing the HDHP/HSA $3,200 medical plan will receive an annual employer contribution on $300 deposited into their HSA. New hires will receive a pro-rated amount equal to $25 per a month. In addition, we will be matching employee HSA contributions up to $25 per pay check


Navajo County creates your account when you enroll.

You can contribute pre-tax in 2024:

  • Individual Plan- $4,150

  • Employee +1 / Family- $8,300

  • 55 or older– Additional $1,000

Using Your Funds

You can use the money in your H.S.A. to pay eligible medical, dental, vison expenses, as well as other eligible expenses like long-term care premiums, or you can save the money to use in the future—even in retirement.

You can pay directly from your account using your Health Equity debit card or pay providers online at


The money you don’t use rolls over from year to year. It can even earn interest.

The money in your account is always yours. You can take it with you if you leave Navajo County or retire.

Once your account balance meets a threshold of $2,000, you can invest your H.S.A. dollars in best-in-class mutual funds.

Tax Benefit

Your H.S.A. is triple-tax-advantaged:

  • Your contributions are tax-free

  • Your money grows tax-free, and

  • You don’t pay taxes on your withdrawals when used for eligible expenses.

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